New Art

Homa Bazrafshan
B.A. in Painting - Sooreh Tehran University / 2001-2005
Certified by Ministry of Culture for Artistry
Member of Society of Iranian Painters (SIP)
Member of Visual Art Institute

Solo Exhibitions:
“What You See Is What You See??” (From Unusual Links Series) /Naranj Gallery /Shiraz (Iran)/Oct 2015
/ Etemad Gallery (Iran)/ 2015• S.V.N / Etemad Gallery (Iran)/ 2015
McCaul Art Gallery (Canada ,Toronto) 2013
Rsquared Café Gallery (Canada ,Toronto)2013
Shirin Art Gallery (Iran) 2010
Homa Art Gallery (Iran) 2008Sarv Gallery (Iran) 2000
Sarv Gallery (Iran) 2000

Group  Exhibitions:
Fereshteh Book City Art Gallery/2016
Society of Iranian Painters (SIP) /Iranian Artists Forum/2016
10th Anniversary of Shirin Art Gallery /Shirin Gallery/2016
3rd Grand Festival of Art For Pease /Niavaran Cultural Center/2015
Painting on Ostrich Egg/ Aid to Cancer Patients /Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization/2015
2nd Grand Festival of Art For Pease /Iranian Artist Forum/2014
“Salvation Gaza” /Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran/2014
“Iranian Romances” /Mehrva Gallery/2014
“History Game”/Etemad Gallery/2013
The 2nd Tehran’s Wall Painting Biennial( Iranian Artist Forum)2013
Fourth Exhibition of Contemporary Artists in Aid of Cancer Patients of Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization ( Niavaran Gallery) 2013

“Oxygen” (Iranian Artists’ Forum )2013
“The Doll” a performance of Ibsen in Lavasan (the forth cooperation of Khorshid and Homa gallery) 2013
“The Inanimate Life”(Seyhoun Gallery)2012
Workshop and Residency Invited by Mr. Siavash Jalali (Anarak, Iran) 2012
“The Crucifix” (Mohsen Gallery)2012
“The Game” ( Shirin Gallery)2012
“India-Iran Cultural Week” ( Iranian Artists Forum)2012
“Border“Multi Media Group Exhibition by an Interactive Video Installation (Mohsen Art Gallery –Iran / Tehran-2011. And The Video Has Been Shown in “BERLINALE Movie Festival “ 2012 and in (Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria)2012
1st Modern Contemporary Visual Art Auction (Iran)-2011
Society of Iranian Painters (Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan, Iran) 2011
(Art Center Gallery )2011
“NOTE” (Azad Art Gallery) 2010
The Contribution of 26 Gallery for 5th Anniversary of Shirin Art Gallery (Shirin Gallery)2010
“Speak Farsi Greek/Sketching Trough the Walls”(ICCAthens,Greece)2010
To support Alone women (Mohsen Gallery)2010
Society of Iranian Painters(SIP)-to help Ali Amekan-(Iranian Artists Forum) 2010
Memorial of Parviz Malek (Homa Gallery)2010
The Encyclopædia Iranica ( New York) 2010
Colors Following Green (Pardis Mellat Gallery) 2009
New Generation Painters (Homa Galley) 2009
Second Look ( Pardis Mellat gallery ) 2009
Contemporary Drawing Biennial (Imam Ali museum, Tehran) 2009
Shirin Gallery- 2009
Tehran Art Expo - 2008 & 2009
Shirin Gallery - 2008
Mahe-Mehr Gallery - 2008
Society of Iranian Painters (SIP) (Iranian Artists Forum) 2008
New Generation Painters (Homa Galley) 2008
Society of Iranian Painters (SIP)( Fine Arts Museum of Tehran’s Sadabad Palace Museum)2007
New Generation Painters (Homa Galley) 2007
The 4th International Painting Biennial of Islamic World (The Iranian Academy of Arts) 2006
Society of Iranian Painters (SIP) (Zar Galley-Amol) 2006
Young Ladies Painter (Laleh Gallery) 2006
Laleh Gallery - 2005
The 2nd Artistic Typography Festival (1001 Besm-e-Allah) 2002
Society of Iranian Painters (SIP) (Iranian Artists Forum -Momayez gallery) 2005
Niavaran Gallery - 2001
Attendance to Exhibitions out of Iran (Dubai, Greece, France, Italy, USA…)

Prizes & Scholarship:
Selecting as 3rd in 2nd Artistic Typography Festival - 2001
For Selecting as a best 10 Artist in “New Generation Painters Exhibition”
2008 & 2009
One Scholarship: For selecting in “New Generation Painters Exhibition.”
From Sete , France- 2007

Additional Professional Activities:
Teaching Drawing to Children
Illustrator for Children Books in “Kanoon-e-Parvaresh-e-Fekri”-Since 2005
4 years’ Experience in Dramatic Art Center(Planning and Programming Office)2002-2006

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